Wowsers…can you believe it’s nearly the end of 2013! I’ve been looking back through my photos and thought I’d share ten of my favourite shots of the year with you :)

It’s been an exciting year for my photography…I’ve moved to this new website from my blog of 3 years, made lots of new photography friends, bought a new DSLR, set up my Etsy print store, and have written a 365 photography project eBook!

I’ve been to some lovely places too where I’ve been able to get lots of photo practice, although I’ve also learnt that sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy an event without spending it looking through a view finder.

My favourites are photos that have been a challenge to take or process, or are just nice reminders of fun trips. You can read more about each one below :)

Ten Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournGreat Tit - RSPB Sandwell ValleyTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen OgbournTen Photos - Best photographs of 2013 - Helen Ogbourn1. I love snow and headed out to take a self portrait using my wireless remote. Being a bit clumsy, I dropped the remote and water got in it so I had to abandon my original idea! Instead I set a burst shot on the self timer and just started to play with snowballs…and this was the result. Fortunately, after few days on the radiator, the remote dried out and started to work again…phew! :) 

2. My most successful photoshop experiment! It’s another self portrait and it took many attempts to achieve the right composition for the editing. I used Photoshop Elements brushes to build up layer after layer of components until I had something resembling a cloud shape and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have a few more ideas for photos like this so watch this space! 

3. This sunset is one of my favourite photos in my whole collection and a lovely reminder of a cloudless week in France this summer. It was about 10.30pm and I noticed that the sun was lighting up a streak of sand water every the water lapped the shore. Each streak of light only lasted a couple of seconds so I had many failed shots but finally got the shot I was after.

4. We spent another hot and sunny week staying on a very cool little farm in East Sussex where there was a herd of greedy little piglets who would run to greet us each time we walked past the enclosure. They were so funny and just shoved their little faces through the fence in the hope of being given some leftover food. This photo makes me chuckle at the thought of them running towards us with their stubby little legs :) 

5. Taken in the fields along the coast in Dorset, this photo reminds me to break the rules of photography. I shot straight into the setting sunlight which lit up the grass and flowers beautifully :) 

6. Some photos are just about nice memories. The sandy beach stretched for miles and the sun was beating down (which is very hard to remember on cold winter days like today!). This is one of my favourite holiday photos because it reminds me of the days where there was nothing else to do other than stroll along the sea shore, take photos and stop off for crêpes and ice cream along the way :) 

7. Birmingham’s awesome new library opened in the autumn and I spent a very nice afternoon wandering around taking photos of the new building. It’s nice to have something so interesting to photograph on your doorstep and this shot was my favourite of the lot (see my previous ‘Ten Photo’ post here). 

8. I only had a brief moment to take this shot before the bird flew off back into the wild. It had just been ringed and had been placed in a child’s hands for release, although seemed to be quite comfortable just lying there! Fortunately I was using my micro 4/3rds camera which has a swivel screen and allowed me to hold the camera over the child and still see what I was shooting. 

9. I had been wanting to try a coffee splash for ages and after a lot of attempts, and increasingly soggy cookies, I finally got my shot. You can read more about it here. It was messy but worth it! I was excited that this shot was listed in the top 20 entries for a TigerPrint design competition.

10. Finally a more recent photo from a place that I had been trying to locate for ages! I knew the avenue existed but I wasn’t sure where it was until I spotted it from the train one day on the way to Stratford-upon-Avon. I’d love to go back on a snowy day and take some proper wintery shots :) 

I’d love to hear about the favourite photos that you took this year so share your links in the comments below :) 

Cheerio for now


  1. A-mazing photos! Love the one shot straight at the sun!

  2. Thank you :) I like that one because it was such a quick shot to take and the light was just perfect!

  3. So many beautiful photogrpaphs! I especially love the one from the beach in France.

  4. Lovely collection of photos from 2013. I love every one of them and find them very inspirational. I’m going to do a similar post so please check out my blog later. Hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas :)

  5. Oh, your blog really makes me want to get my camera out!

    I’m trying to choose my favourite photo from this post but have narrowed it down to three! The beautiful sunset in France, the coffee splash (that looks like so much fun – will read that post soon) and the last one. Very beautiful!

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