Friday Links Round Up Helen Ogbourn Photography1. Bob Mazzer London Underground photography |2. 2013 Photo competition winners | 3. 2013 Sports Photography by Tom Jenkins | 4. David Guttenfelder Instagrams from North Korea.

It’s the first Friday links of the new year and I have just a small selection of sites for you today :) I’ve had a bit of a break from my laptop over Christmas but have found a few photography links that I’ve really enjoyed. 

As you know from my previous posts, I had a trip to London with my camera earlier in the week. I love the Underground and all of it’s design quirks and had done a bit of browsing for some photo inspiration before I went. I stumbled across the London Underground street photography of Bob Mazzer (1) and the photos are brilliant. My faves in this selection via The Telegraph are the man hidden behind the clock face, and the man reading his paper with a magnifying glass. 

I’ve been mostly enjoying the photo reviews of 2013, and Buzzfeed kindly summarised the top nature and wildlife photo competition winners of the year (2) in one post :) I just love the one of the fox above, but the most striking one to me is the polar bear that’s about to surface. I wish I knew how far the photographer was from the bear…seems a bit too close to me!

The sports photographs by Tom Jenkins (via The Guardian website) (3) are pretty cool, and I really love the shot of the Ashes test cricket at Durham. I had been there for day 2 of the match and my Instagram shot of the same view is here (although it’s not quite as dramatic!).

I really enjoyed the sports photos as the camera settings for each photo are listed in the comments. It made me realise that photos like these are achievable with some of my kit (although not the super telephoto shots!!). In fact, I saw a programme recently which showed one of the most popular shots of Andy Murray when he won Wimbledon. The photo was taken by a spectator with his DSLR, not an official sports photographer with an incredibly expensive lens – there’s hope for me yet! 

On a totally different note, a National Geographic photo-journalist called David Guttenfelder has been Instagramming uncensored from inside North Korea (4) which is bizarre considering the tight restrictions on tourist photography. It’s a fascinating stream to follow to catch a glimpse of life in the country and the commentary with each photo is really insightful, particularly when it challenges the perceptions we have.

Hope you enjoy browsing the photos. Have a great weekend! 


  1. The fox capture is amazing!

  2. I love your Friday links, I always find something fascinating :)

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