Walking through the rapeseed blossom

Just dropping in with a couple photos from the last few days…Spring in the English countryside is just glorious when the sun is shining :) 

I’ve only ever seen rapeseed fields from a distance from motorways and trains, so it’s been really nice to be able to get close and have a stroll through the fields with my camera. I took a few shots of the whole field as a landscape but the shape of the hillside didn’t lend itself to making a nicely composed photo. Instead I thought I’d wander down one of the tractor paths and try and capture the abundance of blossom down either side (I used my 85mm f1.8 lens to create a shallow depth of field). 

While I was photographing this field, I also noticed that the field across the lane was absolutely full of dandelion seed heads that hadn’t blown away because the air was so still. It looked like a crop of little lollipops :)

It was like a field of little lollipops :)

Not far away was the forest and it was lovely walking through the trees as the light from the late afternoon sun was peeking through. I switched back to my kit lens so I could get as many trees  in the shot as possible. The 85mm doesn’t have the width needed for big landscape shots at close range. 

A little stroll through the forest

Cheerio for now, 


  1. What gorgeous shots – I especially like that field of dandelions.

  2. Yey for spring and its flowers!

    Love the first photo.

  3. I adore these images, especially the forest photograph.

  4. beautiful shots! they totally make me want to go outside right now :)

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