Adventures with a disposable camera :)I mentioned the other day that I like to have a little photo project on the go in the summer….well I’ve decided to do something a bit different and have a go at a challenge inspired by Katie over on the Skunkboy Blog

I’ve been following Katie’s blog for ages and I love seeing the results of her disposable camera challenge :) It’s so easy to get carried away with digital camera settings and post-editing, so I reckon that wandering around with a silly little disposable camera will be quite nice for change. I’ve nothing particular in mind that I want to photograph…it’s just going to be a case of snapping the every day things and seeing what I come up with :) 

Disposable cameras are currently on offer at Boots where you can get two for the price of one, and the price includes the developing cost too. I headed down there today to pick up this super little spotty camera and got a stripy one to go with it. I think this is going to be fun :)



  1. Thanks for this post Helen. It has inspired me to pick up a couple of disposable cameras to use over the summer. I’m planning on taking them on a hen weekend. We are so used to seeing things as they happen on social media as they happen so it will be nice to go back to the feeling of excitement of opening the packet of photos outside the chemist’s :)

    If everything goes to plan the prints will go into an album as a memento for the bride.

    • That sounds like a great idea. I used to love getting photos back from the shops, although I still own many random pictures where I was clearly trying to use up the last shots in a film! Good luck with it!

  2. I love a disposable camera challenge! Have fun with it!
    You should also try to alter/partly destroy it – even more fun to see the results ;)

    • Thanks Sarah! Now that sounds like a plan…I may just do that with the spare. Thanks for the tip!

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