It’s a beautiful sunny morning and I’m back in my home town for a few days for a little break from the city. It’s been ages since I shared any Friday links with you, so I thought I’d dig out some of my recent bookmarks while I have breakfast in the sunshine :) 

Firstly, I’m very excited about an upcoming trip to Paris and have been scouring the web to find some inspiration for photos before I go. I stumbled across Mayeul Akpovi‘s website recently and was captivated by his photography time-lapse films of the city. There are 4 videos of Paris on his site so make sure to check them all out. I love the carousel and the couple at about 48 seconds in the video below…

A few days ago I posted about the disposable camera challenge that I’m taking part in during June. Sarah left a comment suggesting some kind of camera hack which is very tempting for the second camera that I got for free! I’ve been looking up ideas of what to do with it and found this list of 20 Ultimate Ways to Use a Disposable Camera at PhotoJojo (with plenty more links in!).

For some inspiration for beautiful creative photos, check out Oprisco Photography. I can’t remember how I found the site but I remember feeling very inspired by the portfolio. I think the photo with all the birdhouses on the tree is my favourite :)

While I’m away from home and not distracted by jobs I’m going to give the #1day12pics challenge a whirl tomorrow. It’s a little project run by Michelle at MYCreative and Emma at Emma Davies Photo which involves taking a photo an hour throughout the day. I joined in previously on Instagram but my options were limited as it was a working day. I’m hoping tomorrow will be much more inspiring :) 

And finally, check out Burrard Lucas’ feature to see what happens when you try and photograph baby meerkats who are curious about your camera :) Cute. 

I’m off to make the most of this sunshine while it lasts :) Have a great Friday!


  1. Hi Helen!
    I’m catching up on your posts ;-)
    Since you’re going to Paris I thought I would leave a comment to share with you a place that’s on my list for the next time I go there: Passage des Panoramas. It looks like a pretty interesting place!
    Happy Friday, enjoy the sun *

    • Oh I’ll definitely look that up thanks :) It’s ten years since I’ve been so I’m really looking forward to getting back there :)

  2. Paris is always a good idea ;)
    If you find good places to eat there, please let me know (I wasn’t very lucky in that regard last time I was there…)

    How cool that you picked up on my suggestion – looking forward to the results if you decide to ‘hack’ your second disposable camera!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Paris, I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

    • Thank you :) It’s a little while off yet but I’m making sure I find out loads so I can make the most of my time there :)

  4. Oleg Oprisco is probably my favourite photographer :D I really want to buy one of his prints, but it’s so hard to pick a favourite.

    I will check out that list of things to do with a disposable camera. I have one that I got free from Boots too. I think it has expired, so the results could be interesting.

    Have a lovely time in Paris! :) x

    • I wonder if that’s how I found out about him! Yeah an expired film could be good. I’m enjoying using mine but have only taken a few shots so far! Paris is a few weeks off yet…I’m getting a bit too excited though :)

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