Oh it looks like summer has finally arrived, and it’s about time too :) The rain scuppered all of my photography plans last weekend so I’m determined to get out and about with my camera over the next few days now that the sun is shining ☼ ☼ 

Last Saturday I’d wanted to join in with the #1day12pics challenge and it started off fine, hence the breakfast bowl above; however, after 3 or 4 photos I had to give up with my big camera (that’s the technical term right?!) and try Instagram instead. After having a cuppa at The Lowry, I tried to grab a few more shots but it just wasn’t happening :( I think I’m a little bit fussy because I want to complete a set of 12 photos that flow together, rather than a set of pictures about what I have done during the day. I probably ought to plan a bit more, so I’ll get my thinking cap on and let’s see what this Saturday brings! 

The lollipops that you see above are from a super little shop in Birmingham’s Custard Factory called McTunney’s Sweet Emporium. I had a treacle one which was delicious, but it was brown and not very exciting to make pretty photos with :) I bought a few extra different bright coloured ones with a plan in mind to take some new photos for my Getty Images collection. 

Getty Images
I’ve only had a small number of photos in the collection since being selected to participate via the Flickr partnership and it’s always something that I’ve just had ticking along in the background. If you’re not familiar with how things used to work, curators would select your photos from Flickr and invite you to sell them on a royalty free basis. It wasn’t possible to submit your own photos to Getty until recently when the Flickr partnership came to an end. 

Since being able to use the contributor site to submit photos, I’ve started to plan photos specifically for stock purposes, as well as looking through my archives to dig out photos that weren’t being used elsewhere. I submitted a few shots as a test and it took about a month for them to be processed by Getty. My second batch of shots is now in the queue so I’m waiting patiently for them to get pushed through. I’ve no idea whether this is a reasonable amount of time so I’d be really interested to hear how you’ve found the new process if you’re a contributor!  

So that’s what’s been going on these last few days. Thursday is the new Friday for me so I’m going to get making some photo plans and get the camera batteries charged up :)

Adiós Amigos :)


  1. Helen, I would love to have the time that you have! I miss taking photos. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Helen,
    I really like how structured you approach your photography (at least it seems that way to me from what I read here). It sounds like you plan well ahead what you want to do. Do you have any tips on how you organise your photo projects and ideas?
    I just usually scribble objects that I want to take pictures of on a notepad but as for “real” projects I wouldn’t know where to start.
    Have a great weekend, Kiki

    • Hey Kiki, thanks for your comment :) I think I’m quite a project minded person and I enjoy having something to work towards, even if it doesn’t always turn out successfully! I like joining projects organised by other people because it often makes me do some photography that I would’ t usually try and it’s nice to have encouragement from other photographers :)

      In terms of my own projects, I tend to start by picking an area of photography that I’ve been wanting to explore e.g a style of photography or a new camera setting I want to know how to use. I then set myself a timescale and a number of photos I want to have by the end of the project. It all depends on how busy I am or where I’ll be, but it’s important to find something that is achievable. Projects don’t have to be huge or demanding. One of my favourite projects was my Month of Summer series where I set myself the three summer months to get 30 photos which captured the essence of summer. I think that having a target like that is a really good motivation to keep going out with your camera, and at the end it’s fab to make a photo book to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved.

      • Thank you! That’s very helpful, and I really love organising and planning things, so I’ll keep the way you’re doing it in mind.
        I like the sound of the Month of Summer project. I’ll be going on vacation in a week’s time, and I’m thinking that apart from “just taking pictures” maybe I’ll try to do something similar and try to capture the essence of the place I’m going to.

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